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A Yummy Fur mystery...

Someone on indie_exchange posted some of The Yummy Fur's songs a while back and included these tracks:

-Pink Plastic Smile
-Midnight Fur Theme
-Round and Round
-Evil Plan Z (Microphone Mix)

-In the Company of Woman
-Shoot the Ridiculant
-Fantastic Legs

The first four mp3s were marked as being from the Pyramid Sessions and they're rather good, but sound absolutely nothing like The Yummy Fur. The titles seemed somewhat plausible, but the music is way different. Ever since, I've been dying to figure out who they actually are. (I already knew there was another group called Yummy Fur that's from California, but they're a hardcore band, and these guys definitely aren't them.)

The girl who posted the mp3s said she got them from searching blogs. By doing the same, I found this site. The mp3s in question are available for download if you scroll halfway down. They were recorded in 1993 so technically it could've been the TYF we know and love, but the "Space-Age Cheesy Spy Jazzy Pop Music" just doesn't fit. Neither does the cover-art, and furthermore, none of the lyrics mentioned Catholics or nurses. I tried searching for Big Moose Records, too, but came up with nothing.

So... anyone know who these guys are?

Also, if I'm not being a horrible pain, would anyone mind updating a Kamerakino link? I always seem to miss the uploads, somehow, I'm very sorry :(
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